Day Trading

Day dealing on Forex trading is one or few investments performing within one dealing day. As a guideline, time durations between starting or ending of investments may reach from several minutes up to several hours.
A special attention to intraday dealing is paid by investors running powerful activity in the foreign exchange industry. Mostly investors work daily on Forex trading.


Futures dealing is a agreement determined for shipping of a certain investment later on at a set cost. A futures agreement customer represents liability to buy a investment within a particular period of time. A futures agreement owner requires liability to sell the investment within the specified deadlines. Both responsibilities are related to a conventional variety of a certain investment, they will be applied at some point later on at a cost set during the business performance. That is to say, this function must be applied until plenty of period set in advance - it is specified in the futures agreement requirements. The most endemic merchandise are those often used in everyday routine.

MetaTrader 5

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